"The buttery warmth of two voices made to melt together"

The Heavenly Biscuits is a power duo of two passionate, talented women, Lauren Condon and Vanessa Beggs, who joined forces in late 2016. Since their inception they have been featured at many professional establishments as well as private events and parties. They are known for their sweet harmonies and infectious joy!

Their music melds together rock, soul, folk, fun new wave and pop hits, in a truly unique, fresh and beautiful way. It's no wonder they've been called "the next best duo" of Westmoreland County, playing at venues such as Out of the Fire Cafe, Stonewater, J.Corks, Ligonier Country Farmers Market and Michelle's Lair to name but a few. These talented professionals are some hot, crowd pleasing Biscuits! 


Before the Biscuits met, here's what they were up to...


Vanessa Rae Beggs is an Oakland, California native with over 20 years experience a professional singer, first touring out of the country at age 14. Her audience has reached into the thousands, as she has performed hundreds of times, including with the San Francisco Opera, the Oakland Symphony, at the Oakland A's Major League Baseball game as well as TV appearances.


                                             Vanessa is also an accomplished studio singer, having been hired to sing for commercials and 

                                             movies for such clients as Haagen-dazs, Fuji, Panasonic, The ParaOlymics, Subaru, Evian and Alex                                                     Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy) to name a few.  


                                           Vanessa has written over 250 original compositions, made 7 albums for private use and close friends                                                and publicly released the album FULL, with her band Vanessa and Her Many Moons, which received                                                 glowing reviews by the East Bay Express.


                                             She was awarded a generous scholarship to get her Music degree at the prestigious Mills College,                                                    graduated with Honors in 2007 and received the Myrta Bennet Weiland Award for Excellence in Voice. 


                                            Vanessa has been teaching music privately one-on-one, in small groups and in larger class room                                                      settings since 2007, and now taught hundreds of children and adults piano, voice and music theory.                                                   It's her joy to aid women in following the song in their hearts, by leading them to explore their voice!









Lauren Condon has been playing, writing and performing music most of her life.

Growing up in a house full of music, it was impossible for her not to follow her

dreams of being a musician. Over the years, Lauren has performed with Masquerade,

New World Connection, Adventure and many other bands.

She also has worked extensively in recording studios working with singer/songwriter

productions. She is currently working with the duo Chris & Lauren and her newest,

exciting venture with Vanessa Beggs, The Heavenly Biscuits.

Her musical influences include Mary Chapen Carpenter and Bonnie Raitt. Lauren

also is inspired by local performers who have found their joy in music. She hosts

multiple Open Mic events and also is involved in many community fund raising events.

Recently founding the “Chicks with Picks” and "She Sings" concert series, which

benefits the Blackburn Center, Greensburg, PA.




                                                            “Tell Your Truth, Find Your Voice, Sing Your Song”